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Hunting opportunities

Hunting tourism opportunities 

We organize hunting trips in the hunting area of Taagepera in Valga County. We organize calling hunts, hunting from hides, stalking hunts and driven hunts, depending on the hunting season. Our lands are home to European moose (alces alces), red deer, roe deer, brown bears, wolves, beavers, foxes, and other small game. We also offer woodcock hunts with your pointing dogs for groups covering large areas during the autumn period.

In cooperation with our good partners we organize seaside goose and duck hunts during the autumn migration period.

We organize accommodation, transportation, hunting documents and catering for you, taking into consideration your personal wishes.

You can also test your rifle and shooting skills prior the hunt in the shooting range. There is opportunity to shoot flying targets with a shotgun, and moving and stationary small game silhouettes with rifle.

Tell us about what you would like and we will organize adventure filled hunting expedition for you, along with many positive emotions and memories of nature.

The hunting opportunities we offer in the 2023/24 season:


  • Ambush / sneaking / decoy hunting in the morning and evening – roe deer (sock), red deer, elk, wild boar, beaver
  • Brain hunt, which includes transport from the accommodation to the hunting site and lunch in the forest – elk, red deer, wild boar, wild goat
  • Bird hunting – waterfowl, forest birds
  • Organization of company events: trainings, bird and animal watching, joint hunting
  • Wildlife sightings
  • Accommodation partners: Marja Talu, Wagenküll LossiSpaa

Hunting accessories:

  • Registration of hunting documents
  • Hunting gun rental (gun certificate required)

If you wish, we will also value game trophies you have hunted:

Wild goat, red deer, elk, wild boar, bear, wolf, small carnivores, beaver

In order to come hunting, a hunting tourist needs:

  • hunting gun (we rent if necessary)
  • gun permit
  • hunting licence
  • valid big game shooting test certificate

Hunting in Estonia is regulated by the Hunting Act and Hunting Rules. The hunting license and shooting test are organized based on the Hunting Act. The use of weapons is regulated by the Weapons Act. In Estonia, you can hunt with a firearm from the age of 18.

For hunting in Estonia, foreigners need a home country hunting license, a European Union gun passport, a foreigner’s hunting license issued in Estonia, and a hunting license of a foreign national hunter.

We help to complete the proper Estonian hunting documents.

NB! In order to receive a more accurate and personal quotation, please contact us by e-mail: info@huntingtourism.ee

Rohevik OÜ Observation houses have been acquired and installed with the support of the measure: “Investments for diversification of economic activities in rural areas towards non-agricultural activities”.

The purpose of acquiring observatories was to make it possible for visitors to observe game and birds around the clock without disturbing them. n front of the observation houses, there is a game salt marsh and a feed field, the houses are surrounded by trees and greenery, which separate the houses from the hunting lodge. By acquiring observation houses, we make the Rääga Jahimaja attractive to visitors outside the hunting season and offer the opportunity to observe animals in their natural environment.

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